Analyst (Data, IT and AI)

Job Details

Posting date: 1 September 2021
Department: Data, IT and AI Wing
Salary: INR 45,000 per month excluding Annual increment; 12% Provident Fund.
Hours: A total of 48 labour hours with 6 working days/week. Average 8 hours/day
Location: Jaipur, India – 302020
Rank: Senior Grade (Level – II)
Job type: Full-time
No. of Positions: 03
Nature of the job: Non-commissioned, HQ based
Job reference: TBH\IN\DA(A)\0001


The Ballot House UK (India) Pvt. Ltd are looking to employ analyst with profound and compelling data analysis and IT management skills. An analyst is expected to be well-versed with conduct data analysis, and build mobile and web applications for data visualization and dissemination.

To ensure success, an analyst is expected to present remarkable organizational, team and logistics management skills, and the ability to multi-task in a fast-paced dynamic work environment. Conflict management and decision-making skills to ensure timely deliverables of IT and Data products. This work opportunity shall be a vivid, rewarding and wonderful learning experience with practical exposure and space for research in the community development, socio-political, economic and cultural fields of the State.


    • Use statistical methods to analyse data and generate useful business reports.
    • Work with management team to create a prioritized list of needs for each business segment
    • Develop the database architecture keeping in view the broader project requirements.
    • Design the database schemas and tables based on system requirements, keeping in view data
    • storage, access, and management needs.
    • Use programming skills in Python/Java or other open-source tools to build robust data pipelines.
    • Integrate data from a variety of sources, ensuring adherence to quality and accessibility
    • standards.
    • Design and deploy database monitoring systems to ensure high availability.
    • Write and maintain documentation that includes database structures, data standards, procedures and definitions for the data dictionary (metadata).
    • Manage the security and disaster recovery aspects of the databases.

Essential qualifications:

    • Minimum of 3-4 years of progressively complex industry experience in the design and management of open source database systems, namely PostgreSQL (preferred) or MySQL.
    • Ability to leverage multiple tools and programming languages to analyse and manipulate data.
    • sets from disparate data sources.
    • Hands-on programming experience in Python, R and/or Java along with BASH shell scripts.
    • Comfortable working with Linux systems and experience with Linux utilities and commands.
    • Demonstrated experience with sound software engineering practice, in particular software asset.
    • management – preferably using a Distributed Version Control System like Git or Mercurial.

Desired qualifications:

    • Experience with latest Android SDK platform.
    • Experience in working on Flutter.

Language requirements: English (essential), Hindi (desired)

Level of clearance: High

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